Train-the-Trainer Professional „Module 3“

Train-the-Trainer Professional „Module 3“

Communication confidently and mastering challenging seminar situations as a trainer


In Train the Trainer Module 3, we improve trainers’ personal and social skills. Trainers optimise their communication skills and improve their ability to tackle challenging seminar situations.

In Train-the-trainer module 3, we will increase your capacity to use challenging situations for successful professional seminars. You will develop various methods for managing group processes.



Train-the-Trainer Professional „Module 3“

1.595,00 €

The moderator’s role

  • Trainer roles
  • Where do I stand as a coach?
  • Where do I want to go as a coach?
  • How can I increase my self-motivation as a coach?

Basic communication techniques

  • Basic techniques
  • The Wheel of Perception
  • Professional communication techniques
  • Professional interview techniques
  • Question-posing techniques

Leading a discussion

  • Contact with participants
  • Structure of group dynamics
  • Objections from the group
  • Reframing

Standard and challenging situations

  • Dealing with disturbances at a seminar
  • The common thread
  • Dealing with senior staff members at seminars

Module 3 builds on Module 1 & 2, but can also be booked regardless of prior participation.

Target group

This seminar is suited to both beginners and advanced trainers who want to improve their coaching skills.


Trainer input, participant presentations, micro-training, suggestopedic techniques, group work, demonstrations, exchange of experiences, individual work, case work, practical exercises with video feedback.


  • 3-day intensive training with a top-class coach
  • Daily, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

This seminar is also bookable as a Inhouse Training. For further information, please contact us!