Time- and self management

Time- and self management


In this practical seminar, you will optimize how you manage time, as well as how you manage yourself. You will reflect on your personal methods for time- and self-management, and will take home effective solutions for your situation that you can apply to your job. For you, this means: more time and energy for the important things in life, and simply letting some other things go! People who are highly committed to their careers, especially, often have the feeling that the world is constantly speeding up – there’s no way to put on the brakes! Your only chance is to find a sensible way to manage your time. To do so, you will need more than classical scheduling techniques: autonomy regarding your time, time-management skills, and clarity on your own values will help you to happily surf the wave of your responsibilities, rather than being pulled down by them.



Time- and self management

1.195,00 €

Time- and self management

1.195,00 €

Practical strategies 

  • Out of the hamster wheel
  • Levels of intervention
  • Taking stock – analyzing your personal values
  • Roles and values – professional and private
  • Factors for successful practice transfer

Self management

  • Areas of self management
  • Goals – helping you truly achieve change
  • Self discipline and its consequences
  • Concentrating on what’s most important
  • Self-motivation – how to get started
  • Handling acute stressful situations
  • How to avoid burnout

Time-management skills

  • Making decisions
  • Handling complex tasks
  • Dealing with deadline pressures
  • Prioritizing activities
  • Delegating – the right way
  • Meetings and meeting culture
Target Group

This practical seminar is for professional employees, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to discover new ways to manage their time.


The seminar is designed with a focus on practice. You will reflect on your personal time- and self-management and develop your own practical strategies. Keynote speeches and tips, individual and group feedback, supervisory elements, interactive exercises, and practical simulations will allow you to experience techniques directly.


  • 2-days intensive training with a top-class Trainer
  • daily 9:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m

This seminar is also available as a Inhouse Training. Please contact us if necessary!